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Entertainment and Wellness Centres - ECMS

Frederick Mall Billiards in Kitchener Ontario, the latest purchaser of the ECMS Program by CMG Entertainment provides an example of where a long standing good business relationship where our timekeeping point of sale application can be used for running an entertainment or wellness establishment. With installations still in force for over 16 years the ECMS application still performs the essential functions of these kinds of facilities.
ECMS Time Keeping Interface

ECMS Time Keeping Interface with flexible keystroke access, user layout of amenities and options to handle number of parties, separate bills, customer movement from one area to another and more. Any number of interface screens are supported.
ECMS Power and Lighting Control
ECMS Power and Lighting control in three different options for new and pre-existing construction allowing for control of the facility assets with computer control of start and end times. Management staff are assured of control.


The ECMS System provides an all encompassing management application for your entertainment facility or your personal professional services establishment.

When we set out to design the ECMS system it was originally with the vision of replacing analog/digital time clock device equipment with a computer and program that could perform the same tasks with readily available equipment plus all of the management capabilities one would hope to find in a computer application, such as reporting, receipt printing, the management of customer information and inventory information.

We didn’t really realize the many different types of establishments that would eventually make use of our system until we found customers in the food and beverage, karaoke and gold center and golf dome industries knocking on our door. This lead us to a more robust solution offering that could accommodate such new facilities, multiple computer stations and a central data repository or server as well as the ability to control power flow to lights and equipment which controls the use of the facilities amenities.

With features that support the low and high end user, such as stop-after for children entering an entertainment facility with a limited budget where they can request that the establishment turn off the lights or equipment after a certain amount of money has been spent or the memberships and membership loyalty features one would expect of a higher end establishment such as a spa or beauty/wellness establishment, our ECMS System is poised to take on your new entertainment or personal professional services establishment business challenges.

Brochure Document, ECMS2009Synopsis.PDF

Demonstration Program ECMS, ECMSDEMO.ZIPThe demonstration program should be decompressed to your local C: drive, once in that directory you may run the demo
by entering ECMSDEMO on the command line.

General Review Document with screen images, ECMS2009Review.PDF

General budgeting and pricing information, ECMS2009Pricing.PDF

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You can find Frederick Mall Billiards at 414-385 Frederick Street in Kitchener Ontario. +1.519.741.8765