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Update 2017 CapeTown Computing

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New for 2017

HTTP2/https the new standard for websites, provides security, performance and search engine bonus points for 2017.

Resulting in a significant load boost to our website our infastructure changes make us well poised for 2017 and the challenges that lie ahead. Mobile browser load times are equally improved to a factor of 40-50%. Talk to us today about your challenges.

PHP7, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript&JQuery, Python and Microsoft .NET

MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server for Linux

Ubuntu 16.04, WordPress, PageSpeed, Varnish Cache, Postfix Email

Developing Assets | Distributing Inventory | Delivery Services | Your Way



Developing Assets. Our asset is intellectual property, from craft to implementation. We recognized the need for the corporate diary that would house the pillars of that value.


Distributing Inventory. Merchandise and materials management workflow, supply chain, logistics, retail and sales channel integration, wholesale, warehousing and distribution.


Delivering Services. Workflow for the services enterprise that adds a layer of professionalism, integrating people and work elements to enhance the way a company works and bills.

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