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Loyalty and Marketing Promotions

CapeTown Computing


The Loyalty and Marketing Promotions System (LAMP) is a database management system that controls point program and point redemption for an enterprise the required the management of multiple marketing programs or those that manage multiple clients with multiple campaigns.

The premise behind the system is to streamline the point redemption for the customer/consumer so that the process of connecting these people with their rewards is accomplished effectively and easily. The system also provides the enterprise with the ability to define many campaigns and also operate as a third party which supports many businesses with this requirement.

When integrated with the Imageion™ Web and Workflow and/or Art of Commerce™ X-Chain Merchandising Inventory solutions with Image++, the system can be the cornerstone of any enterprises marketing initiative or central system for a third party marketing management company.

Loyalty and Marketing Promotions
Loyalty and Marketing Promotions