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Enhance your Internet Presence and Imageion™ results!

CapeTown Computing


Enhance your internet presence by posting the content on your website to popular links in your market and have those links point back to your website. This is a relatively simple process that starts with good content on your website about your business in a well structured and organized presentation. Then posting your like content to your BLOG, RSS Newsfeed and PODCAST, and other relevant websites in your market or geography can quickly enhance the traffic to your website from those that know who you are, and new contacts that have never heard of you before.

Measuring this performance against your activities is crucial in determining the events that have an impact on your internet presence from those that do not. The ability to manage your existing relationships and attract new ones to your business can be accomplished with a comprehensive Internet Presence System. With a back-bone system that allows your important business relationships to interact with your day to day business you can quickly make strides against your competitors.

It is surprisingly simple to do, start with good readable content on your website. Flash websites and components are important and impressive, but readable content outside of Flash makes all the difference to search engines and the spiders that crawl the web for information. If you have a completely Flash website, consider a BLOG or additional web content in a structured fashion in addition to Flash. Another important element to consider is taking your website site-map and posting it with the search engines. The major ones allow you to do this in a simple and straight forward manner.

We invite you to visit our website for more information about our Imageion™ and Web and Workflow systems.


Enhance your Internet Presence and Imageion™ results!
Enhance your Internet Presence and Imageion™ results!