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The Imageion™ Web and Workflow System

The featured system product of our Web and Workflow platform is the Imageion™ system, Images in Action, Image Input Output Network is what Image-ion stands for and the reason we developed it is to provide a standard interface for business relationships, resources and documentation in a contributive and consistent environment that was integrated into the day to day work effort and accessible from the web and the desktop.

The Imageion™ Web and Workflow system provides the foundation for both your internet presence and day to day operations for the purpose of connecting the two into a harmonized identity that interacts directly with the people in your enterprise, everywhere, all the time.

Imageion™ is web enabled process workflow, relationship management, digital media and document management, demand reporting, dashboard analysis, forms production, planning, project management and automated events such as electronic billing and market communications.

The Imageion™ system is the next step in professionalism for your enterprise market image, paperless initiative, planned startup and expansion. Simply add your market presence. Imageion™ your enterprise from Login with great finish.

The Imageion™ Web and Workflow System provides the dynamic foundation for your Internet presence.

When we set out to design the Imageion™ system it was with a simple vision. To provide a system that would create the essential platform for any organizations online access system and paperless initiative in an environment that was workflow oriented, maintained an ease of doing business, and that could be used by both the people inside and outside of an organization.

A system where we could record the activities, people, documents, information and tasks of the days business and make it available to those who need it, when they need it, wherever they may be at the time. This includes customers that keep you in business, the projects that take you where you want to go and the resources and vendors that help you get there. All of them people, who want to do the best possible job of it. The Imageion™ system is a tool that helps them do just that, just like a phone, fax, e-mail and everything else that does the push and pull of information.

Apart from the marketing presence of a company which is unique for every enterprise, we set out to put together a software suite that could embody the important elements of business activity from the “Login” on your web site, the recording of your resources time, and the documents and media that make up the developments of the day. It was essential that this could be achieved in such a way so that all information would be contained within a single online database that was searchable and capable of storing data of any classification and type that was easy to use.

“Your Image in Action”

No two companies are alike in the way they do business, so we decided that we had to build an everything is a “case” system, where each case was a discrete element that made up a larger body and then allow for cases to be interlinked by relationships such as customers, vendors, projects and classifications. This resulted in a simple structure where new cases can be pushed out to your relationships or initiated or pulled from their online activities. This also permits new relationships to be welcomed to the enterprise through a simple registration process which gets the process started and places the cases in the path of the people in your organization who see to it that these new relationships are forged into your business model.

A solid billing platform was another motivating factor in the systems development that encompassed time, materials, people, paperwork and plans that could come together to create an automated billing and paperless administration platform that is ever present and capable of taking into account the unknown elements that occur outside of plan.


The fusion of process visibility, digital media and document management, the commencement and continuity of your business relationships wrapped in an elegant and powerful internet and database tappable framework.


Integrate the work to be done, the work that is done and all the elements that support it, such as notes, documents, plans, photos, communications, time, resources and computer media of any type.


Channel your enterprise processes in a streaming flow that can accommodate new and recurring experiences and discover potential in the routine.


Communicate with a standard and well balanced formula that is always on top of the many things that make your enterprise unique and easy to work with.

Being able to integrate new business into the workflow stream in a simple, straight forward and binding capacity that allows for both creative and administrative processes to work at the same time, without taking away from the value of the work is what we were after with the Imageion™ Web and Workflow System.