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Wellness and Entertainment Management System

The ECMS System a system for turn-key wellness operations and entertainment facilities

Entertainment Centre Management System (ECMS).

When we set out to design the ECMS system it was originally with the vision of replacing analog/digital time clock device equipment with a computer and program that could perform the same tasks with readily available equipment plus all of the management capabilities one would hope to find in a computer application, such as reporting, receipt printing, the management of customer information and inventory control.

We didn’t really realize the many different types of establishments that would eventually make use of our system until we found customers in the food and beverage, karaoke and golf / golf dome industries with similar needs. This lead us to a more robust solution offering that could accommodate such new facilities, multiple computer stations and a central data repository or server as well as the ability to control power flow to lights and equipment which controls the use of the facilities amenities.

With features that support basic time keeping and membership capabilities for pay as you go and subscriptions, membership loyalty features, user customized promotions that add to the checkout functionality the ECMS system is now a very robust offering for anyone looking to manage a spa, turn-key tanning salon, pay for time establishments such as billiard rooms and clubs where you want your members to be free to use all facilities and keep track of their tab as they go.

The ECMS system was our first product we developed in the early 90’s and was originally called BMS for Billiard Management System. Now in its 5th edition we hope to see an ever expending use for our application in the ever expanding industry that is wellness and entertainment. Target industries include; Billiard, Karaoke, Golf Facilities and Golf Domes, Bar Spa and Beauty, Fitness and Wellness, Tanning Facilities.

ECMS Time Keeping Interface with flexible keystroke access, user layout of amenities and options to handle number of parties, separate bills, customer movement from one area to another and more. Any number of interface screens are supported with pagination and a strong definition structure for facility amenities and their rates, usage and location layout.

Now in 2015 we find many of our initial customers are still using the product well after not just one decade but two decades. It has proven a reliable product, has undergone audit scrutiny and provided results for our customers without a large price tag. Our customers have definitely got a return on their investment with the ECMS system and we are looking to improve its next edition in an instrumental way while maintaining its existing usage features that people like.