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10+ year systems

CapeTown systems find their engagement run times with customers reaching and exceeding the decade mark and in some cases twice that. This is in strong recognition of a working concept of systems that work. The longevity of their use is what makes them stand out across an almost 30 year working period of the company.

Our company began with the recognition of the need for professional database transaction processing systems for business at the small and medium sized enterprise level as well as the need of large corporations to create scalable solutions for fast paced changing aspects of their businesses that demanded special attention.

In short, the benefits of relational database combined with the benefits of personal computing is what drove the creation of our company. The results are the systems that came to the surface after that period along with the vision for their next steps in maturity.

Our first decade found the company deeply immersed in product inventories, distribution, logistics workflow, transportation and time keeping.

A well established working relationship with Dylex National Logistics Services resulted in a strong partnership with Biway Stores which drove fast paced logistics workflow systems development resulting in a paper free flow of goods to stores through internal and third party providers and carriers resulting in a Client/server windows integration of our retail logistics work into the Store Receiving and Inventory Logistics system (srails).

With commercialization work in the time keeping and point of sale system we called Billiard Management System (bms) for its initial appearance in the Billiards point of sale industry and then the Entertainment Centre Management System (ecms) and now finds itself well positioned to wellness and hospitality. Undergoing enhancement and redesign over that period to suit the dynamic needs of each new customer, resulting in a solid customer installable product that could adapt to new customers without further enhancement.

The company deeply immersed in the commercialization of the prior decades work into a product we initially called CapeTown Enterprise now Art of Commerce (aoc). Encapsulating the materials management and logistics inroads made, adding sales and supply chain channels, automated replenishment, EDI, digital media integration (image++), web application models for business to business, business to consumer, retail chain and sales person integration.

IBM called upon us to work with GolfTown Stores which resulted in 13 big box store retail systems infrastructure with IBM Server and Point of Sale, applications integration and ultimately completing their head office move to permanent facilities with a clustered IBM Server environment.

Maritime-Ontario called upon our firm for technical network and systems restructuring services as well as a remote document capture system and website for delivery of their shipment support, document imaging and document printing initiatives to their customers, consignee, third parties and customer service representatives really solidifying our performance levels in a web and workflow environment at the 25k shipment mark per month.

Having a firm grasp of the materials management, retail chain, wholesale trade, logistics and transportation requirements the company set out to improve the offering for service based industries that didn’t move product in an effort to create an workflow system that could support professional billing for client centric enterprises resulting in the Imageion (images in action, image input-output network).

Our goal was to establish a firm grasp of industries we had some experience with but not all encompassing systems relationships with such industries as legal, digital media enterprises, architecture, building support and construction companies of all classifications. The approach was one of integrating the parties working on a project both inside and outside a given organization in order to dashboard the results of the work and embody the planning, daily diary, time keeping to drive the billing and audit process. Image++ became as central to the system as the workflow process.

A methodical way to integrate and professionalize new business workflow at the onset of business relationships that would set the tone for a future working relationship by providing a system that could act as a work order system for clients, without the client needing such a system for themselves. We found that clients didn’t have that capability over our entire history.

Taking the same building blocks in the creation of our web and workflow platform that we did with our materials and logistics workflow based systems so that we could deliver a high performing, quality product that was elegant, cost effective and simple to use. A system that could operate at the 100m-1.2b dollar level of business and 22k-33k per week transaction mark within an economical client/server database infrastructure.

With customers using our systems for 10+ years, which stretches out there investment across a long period of time. Our systems allow customers to focus on the business they are in so we can focus on the business of delivering systems that work.

We are CapeTown Computing and we have your system.