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CapeTown Computing Track Record

Range of Industries

The company has worked in the Systems Development and Infrastructure market space within such industries as Insurance and Reinsurance, Banking, Law, Chain Retail, General Inventory, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Process Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Distribution, Transportation, Accounting, General Management and Administration. Registered as a sole proprietorship in Ontario, Canada in 1987 and incorporated as CAPETOWN COMPUTING CORPORATION (“CAPETOWN COMPUTING”) in 1998.

From 1991 through 1999 works with DYLEX LIMITED accounted for our sizable works where the divisional inventories across a Canadian distribution network in as much as 1.2 billion retail and 750 million cost values (BIWAY, NATIONAL LOGISTICS SERVICES) were managed from source to distribution center to store level ultimately reaching a point in development where stores were informed of goods inbound in a paperless environment, along with carrier system integration and warehouse inventory workflow operational automation. In addition CapeTown handled special projects in inventory specialties for all divisions, Fairweather flagship stores and Dylex Distribution working independently with divisions and with Dylex IT Services.

Client Service Expertise

Dylex Limited was Canada’s largest retailer involved in the operation of specialty retail stores, such as women’s wear, menswear, and family stores. From its onset the company provided a diversified customer focused delivery through chain branding while maintaining retail and manufacturing operations in an integrated environment, where at its peak it was operating 17 chains with more than 2,700 stores in the United States and Canada.

In 1998/2000 we were called upon by Munich Reinsurance Company (MLMC) to assist in year 2000 transitional development projects, GolfTown Canada to provide start up technological assistance for their emerging retail chain of stores and Games Workshop Canada for a new head office applications environment with Sales, Retail Store and warehouse operations integration.

With Munich Re, we were able to assist them in completing two mainframe to Windows client/server application transitions and added value by way of sharing database access and performance technology for their other projects. At the time Munich Re held the status of the worlds largest Reinsurance Company with assets exceeding 200 billion (CDN) and a surplus of 74 billion (CDN) and in-force premiums of 36.6 billion (CDN), nearly twice that of its nearest competitor.

Market Experience

With Golf Town we worked with IBM Canada to create the head office and store systems infrastructure that would allow for a balanced processing approach to their PC based Retail Store and centralization of information. This resulted in leading edge IBM Retail hardened equipment at the store level and a clustered server network at head office. Upon achieving an initial count of 13 stores and a head office move from temporary startup to a permanent facility, Golf Town began the process of bringing in technology and staff to allow them to move towards self sufficiency in IT. In September of 2007, Golf Town was acquired by OMERS for 240 million (CDN), it operated 32 stores and employed over 1200 people at the time.

CapeTown systems accounted for Canadian retail, trade sales, mail order sales and head office administrative support for Games Workshop, a customer since 1995 through to 2003. In addition to providing head office support for day to day business merchandising and warehouse operations, support for IBM Retail Equipment at the store front was also provided along with database integration of retail store sales and inventory management. Games Workshop Canada represented the Canadian arm of the global United Kingdom based company.

Integrity and Work Ethic

A strategic alliance with Lord of the Rings productions and that popularity, the group reported sales of £136,650,000 sterling in 2005 and employed 3200 at its current standing peak.

In 2001 through 2005 we worked with Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines, providing systems infrastructure and web presence development and integration of their pre-existing PC/UNIX applications culminating in a company web site supporting their customer, alliance partners, internal resources and paperless initiatives across their Canadian terminals and third party locations, with transaction volumes of 25 thousand carriage shipments per month while not including consolidations, flow through, web user access and document image transactions.

Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines, as of 2007, was reported to be billing 150 million (CDN) per year, with 20 terminals, 1200 employees, in a 160 tractors and 1150 trailer operation. M-O is a 40 year operation in Canada, formerly a supplier to Dylex/Biway where their relationship with us began from a supportive role in the overall Dylex/Biway Inventory Logistics System for their portion of that carriage.

In September of 2004, the CAPETOWN.COM domain name, the companies primary domain name was sold to a U.S. company specializing in city domain space marketing.

TRISI Sales (formerly Frank Trisi Sales), a customer with CapeTown Computing, since our inception, with an average sales volume of 5 million (CDN) in the mid to late 2000‘s, made use of Enterprise Commerce systems platforms, Art of Commerce™, as it began to make strides with customers such as Walmart, Zellers, Canadian Tire, Home Outfitters. With EDI and web requirements the company found itself in a position of transition in the very competitive housewares industry with approximately 4000 items in its catalog and an agent network across Canada.


“Your Expression” made use of our Retail Application and a custom card creation application that we provided when they decided to implement a compliant year 2000 application and track customer information in its business. Utilizing our signage generation software, we scaled it to meet the customer requirement at the register in their busy downtown store.

For Color Steels, CapeTown Computing provided support for their network introduction and expansion to Montreal, in replacement of their existing dated infrastructure an ethernet based network that provided a mixed operating environment between UNIX and PC based systems was introduced. When the company moved to a larger more expansive facility, we were called upon again to provide support for an upgraded server environment with in-house internet presence and communications capabilities while performing that move.

With an additional customer base of 100 customers, throughout the balance of the work effort and the achievement of two product platforms, the Art of Commerce™ X-Chain Merchandising System and the Imageion™ Web and Workflow System and three additional offerings; shIP2.com, Image++ and the Entertainment Centre Management System (ECMS). The company has amassed a significant amount of experience and expertise.