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Microsoft Azure Canada +50 Regions

With data centres in Canada (Canada Central and Canada East) we are able to provide web applications hosted within the domestic market space backed by the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service.

Our initial experience has proved positive after migrating several web applications to the Azure service which offers a vast collection of hardware infrastructure and software architecture components. Delivering solutions to customers in a fast and easy environment along with the added assurance of data presence within the customers geography with the network control to direct traffic in a multiple-geographic solution is a very powerful combination.

With 50 Regions as of March 2018, we are excited about the possibilities for customer solutions and future capabilities on the azure platform going forward.

Enhanced Web Offering for 2018

  • HTTP2/https the new standard for websites, provides security, performance and search engine bonus points
  • PHP7, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript & JQuery, Python and Microsoft .NET
  • MariaDB (MySQL), Microsoft SQL Server
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • HTTP2 Server Push
  • Automated SEO sitemap ping submission
  • Language translation
  • Subscription management
  • Login/Registration/Password Change User Management
  • Multiple domain name integration with domain to page routing
  • url routing navigation
  • Google Maps and Social Media Site Integration
  • Site Search
  • WordPress Content Management
  • Postfix Email
  • Google Page-speed and Varnish-Cache site compression/optimization and speed cache

For more about Microsoft Azure Regional Support and the Azure cloud services click here Microsoft Azure Regions

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