Web and Workflow, Integration of the work and web user

(image) www.capetowncomputing.com Web and Workflow is the integration of web applications and backend processing workflow applications that provide for business relationships and transactions to be maintained on an open platform such as an Internet Web Site. The primary objective of a web an

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Enhance your Internet Presence and Imageion™ results!

(image) www.capetowncomputing.com Enhance your internet presence by posting the content on your website to popular links in your market and have those links point back to your website. This is a relatively simple process that starts with good content on your website about your business in a we

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News and PodCast Feeds

www.capetowncomputing.com RSS and PodCast provide a simple way to stay abreast of our activities and product offerings, without having to register with us. We would like nothing more than to have you register with us when you are ready, until then, please feel free to visit our website or subscri

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shIP2.com Web and Workflow Transportation and Logistics

www.capetowncomputing.com www.ship2.com Web and Workflow the transportation and logistics enterprise providing web and workflow for shipment transactions and associated document image administration,presentation and communication. Comprising a collection of web and workflow applications for t

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The Art of Commerce™ X-Chain Merchandising System

www.capetowncomputing.com The Art of Commerce™ merchandising system provides a full cycle, end to end management system for the product development and distribution industry. The fusion of merchandise inventory, development and presentation, sales channel integration, logistics and fulfillmen

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